And, when we’re sure you’re confidently twirling, we leave you to fill the dance floor with traditional dance steps from our folk traditions.  Even though the traditional format is to dance as couples or threesomes, the beauty of barn-dancing is that you don’t need  to be “in a couple” or “have a partner” in order to enjoy the dancing.  We often make our dances progressive so that, having danced with one partner, you then move on to another for each cycle of the dance.  All you need to do is invite someone up onto the dance floor in whatever formation the dance requires. 

We’ve done barn dances for birthdays and other special occasions with dances featuring lively toddlers and spritely retirees!  We’re happy to cater for all ages and abilities.  If you have any special requests just ask and we’ll see what we can offer!  Many of our charity events support people with disabilities so please have a chat with Barbara (our caller) to discuss any special requirements you may have for an event that you are planning.

...And it’s not just dancing for Galway girls!  We offer barn-dancing for all ages and it doesn’t matter if you’re just a beginner.  We teach you the dances step by step then call each move when the music starts and throughout the first few cycles of each dance (until we’re sure you’ve got the hang of it).

“So I took her hand, And I gave her a twirl . . .”