We are based in the village of Rowledge near Farnham on the borders of Surrey and Hampshire, and have been playing at events around the area since 1988.

'Roughditch' or 'Roughledge' was the Victorian name for Rowledge in the days when the 'Ditch' was the thin blue line between the good folk of Farnham and the Poachers, Gypsies, Tramps & Hawkers, Poll-tax Dodgers and all the other 'Ne'er do wells' that occupied the Alice Holt Forests, once part of the Royal Hunting Forests in Henry VIII's time.

Roughditch and the Roughians play a mixture of traditional Celtic/Brit and Oz folk songs, jigs, polkas and good fun music.

We play many charity events in and around the Farnham area, so why not book the band for your Pub, Summer Fete or seasonal Barn Dance!

“Ah, come all ye tramps and hawker lads and gatherers of the blah . . .”