“Run for a rabbit, Chase for a hare...”

CLOPTON BRIDGE is a set dance for four couples.  Many traditional dances use the longways set formation with dancers standing opposite their partners and each set having a top couple who leads the first cycle of the dance.  Our tunes are “Cracking the Flags” and “Saturday Morning”.

CORNISH SIX-HAND REEL is the closest we get to “line dancing” and this is a traditional Cornish dance (as the name implies).  Three couples dance this in a single line of six people arranged to alternate man and lady across the hall.  There can be several lines of three couples across the hall and, of course, it includes a six-hand reel!  Our tunes are “Salmon Tails” [cd] and “Ward’s Brae”.

BRIDGE OF ATHLONE is a dance for five couples in a longways set and is danced to the tunes “Haste to the Wedding” and “Road to Lisdoonvarna”.

THE HIGHLANDMAN’S UMBRELLA is a gentle dance to a couple of lively tunes!  It’s a dance for square sets of four couples, ladies having their partners on their left.  Our tunes are “Paddy on the Turnpike” and “Johnny’s Gone to France”.

Here are just a few of the dances and tunes we could include for an evening of barn dancing or a celtic-themed ceilidh! 

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